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Campaign Outline

by Jeff Richard

Darkness Season 1350:

Varmand gives tribute to King Barngradus of the Colymar.

The clan council agreed that all of the bloodlines should build a sheepfold in the hills above Ormsthane Vale.

Gulik the Fat and Gunnar the Good offered hospitality for the entire winter for any young man with a "spear, helmet and shield" who was willing to defend their respective steads against a possible Orleving attack. About a dozen young men were quartered at each stead.

Storm Season 1350:

Orlev the Tall led a night attack against Gulikstead. Nearly a score of Orleving warriors overpowered Gulik's household and their guests, but not before the women, children and horses escaped. Utag Jarangson was killed by one of Orlev's thanes, and several other men received major wounds. Gulikstead was burnt down by the Orlevings and all of the cattle were taken.

Clan council held -- it is agreed that the Varmandi will remain a War Clan and that Varmand will be allowed to raid the Tree Brothers in an attempt to bring Malan to the field. The women and children will stay in the sheepfolds. The clan council meeting was very long, and there was significant opposition to Varmand's plan. Boranthos Gulikson was very emphatic that the Orleving must be raided and the Jarangings strongly backed Boranthos. Ultimately, the priestesses backed Varmand, stating that the clan cannot survive indefinately as a war clan and thus Malan must be confronted.

Sacred Time 1350:

Varmand reenacts the "Slaying of the Evil Emperor" heropath. Boranthos Gulikson joins Orlanth the Warrior (which we determined is the subcult of Vingkot the Victorious). 30 new men are initiated into the Varmandi clan (the Ernaldori outlaws). Korol and Vigdis marry. The warriors are divided from the women, children and elders, and Hrothgar is appointed Hearthguard. Hrothgar leads the women into the hills.

Sea Season 1351:

The Varmandi fyrd crosses over the Oakland Back into the Arfritha Vale. King Mad-Blood Malan, who was feasting with the Tree Brothers this winter, rallies his companions and the Tree Brothers fyrd. Varmand shrewdly forms his shieldwall atop a low hillock, forcing Malan to lead a charge up the hill. A long and extremely bloody skirmish followed with both sides repeatedly retreating, reforming and fighting once again. Varmand and Malan both deliver major wounds to each other but continue fighting. Both sides take very high casualties before finally both sides break.

Varmand sends Heorl and Korol to negotiate with Malan. Mad-Blood Malan agrees to a year-truce between him and Varmand, which applies to their respective clients as well. The bloodied Varmandi return to Ormsthane Vale. Some thirteen Varmandi have been killed in the skirmish, including four of Varmand's hearthguard, the elder Lod the Hunter and eight carls.

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