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Skolli wanted the sacred site repaired first. He pointed out several myths of Orlanth recovering stolen property through his ferocity, which would be more relevant than Kerenath's first thoughts of performing Orlanth's rescue of Ernalda from the Emperor's palace. Maniski told him to be a hero, even if he died trying.

Kerenath went to Vastyr, and got him to agree to support a quest to regain the goddess if he would not seek to remain chief.

Kerenath began the quest of Orlanth's rescue of the Silver Ewe. Skolli, with Maniski's aid, opened the path to the Other Side. The mountains were much bigger than the Quivini peaks, and Kerenath was among them in only three steps.

One of the mountains blocked Kerenath's path. "Little shepherd, you cannot search in my brother's lands." Kerenath tried to recite Narsendor's Hilltop Words, but the mountain replied that the Hilltop Words were invocations of becoming.

Kerenath tried to find a pathway around, but became lost, and ended up at a huge ruined palace, bigger than any hall in Dragon Pass. Kerenath sat down next to a shattered goddess. He tried to piece her back together, but was unable to. Maniski convinced the clan to send support, but it wasn't sufficient.

Kerad set out on his own quest to meet the Second Son. He crossed to the Other Side on a huge wind. Aslandar found a path past various horrors. They set up camp. The whole world shattered. Kerad wandered into the roiling nothingness. He found a naked man with royal tattoos, and greeted him as a kinsman. Second Son reminded him that this was the end of the world, and he would have to find the strength within himself.

Kerad continued, and saw a Lunar woman in private meditation. Kerad said, "We must defeat Predark, or the world will end." She replied, "There is nothing to fear, this is just the beginning."

"It is the end of everything, but I will not let it end."

She said again, "It will all end, but it will begin again. Sit and watch."

Kerad replied that he would restore the proper order. He then blew her away with a fierce storm.

He rejoined his companions. He then came across Kerenath. Kerad convinced Kerenath to leave his task. Kerad tried to convince Kerenath that the Lerith Sword was dead and should be left behind, but the Lerith Sword replied in ringing tones that it was not dead, and it was older than any of them.

"Brother, why do you keep trying to undercut me?"

"I am doing what's best for our family."

The Lerith sword spoke: "I am part of your family."

They returned to the world at Old Wind.


Orlanth Rescues the Silver Ewe

Orlanth had an ewe with a silver fleece, which gave milk which never went sour, and whose lambs were a delight to one and all. One day three giants stole the ewe.

Orlanth was concerned for his people, and resolved to get the sheep back. He took a piece of flint, a bull-roarer, and his sword.

He headed to where the giants lived. The first giant challenged Orlanth, and wouldn't let him pass. Orlanth whirled his bull-roarer, and the noise frightened away the giant.

Orlanth came to the second giant, who tried to stop him. Orlanth fought him, cutting off his legs.

The third giant was holed up in a cave with the sheep. Orlanth said he had something magic, which he would trade for the ewe. The giant agreed, but when Orlanth gave him the flint, he said, "This is just a rock!" Orlanth said, "Bring me logs, and I will show you its magic." He had the giant sit atop the pile of logs, and struck the flint on his sword. The spark caught the logs on fire. The giant burned up, and Orlanth returned with the magic sheep.

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