motion rune Kerenath's Saga air rune



Horsebreeder, client of Blew Hat Stead.

Aski Harbardson

A prominent Varmandi farmer, from the East Vale.

Aslandar Mistwalker


Blackmor the Rabid

King of the Colymar tribe. He deposed Leika Ballista when she was unable to reduce the Lunar tribute.

Dorasa Hrotarsdaughter

Kerenath's wife, originally of the Antorling clan.


Sartarite corruption of the name of a Lunar priestess from Alkoth.

Ellena the Fair

Chalana Arroy Healer.

Fazzur Wideread

Havard of Alda-chur

Scribe, and follower of Kerenath.

Havarnstall the White

Lawspeaker of the Varmandi clan.


One of the wealthiest women of the Varmandi clan.



One of the Lunar Coders. Count.

Kallyr Starbrow

Vingan queen of the Kheldon tribe, who rallied Sartar in the ill-fated rebellion against the Lunar Empire.

Kenrik Heorlathsson

Kerenath's brother, sworn to defend him. He is a descendent of Korol the Poet.

Kerad Heorlathsson

Kerenath's brother, and hero of Orlanth. He is a descendent of Korol the Poet.

Kerenath Heorlathsson

A canny Issaries trader, who now bears the Lerith Sword. He is a descendent of Korol the Poet.


Storm Bull. Now married to Alandra.



Leika Ballista

Ex-queen of the Colymar tribe. She became queen through creative use of the crown test (returning from Snakepipe Hollow), but was deposed by Blackmor.

Maniski Head-Taker

Varmandi weaponthane. Uncle of Kerad and Kerenath.

Martalor the Wanderer


A pre-Dawn hero worshipped by Kerad. Narsendor traded the Pearl Spiral to Sun Tower City for a fire-breathing stallion. When captured by Bad King Urgrain, he won his freedom with his glib tongue. He travelled from ocean to ocean and back, defending his caravan, trading, and reciting the Hilltop Words everywhere.



A Dovildan bandage-roller, sworn to Maniski.


Hantrafali godi of the Varmandi clan.


Angry Storm Voice of the Varmandi clan.


Founder of the Varmandi clan, and now the medium for its Orlanth the Warror magic. Maniski walks his hero-path.

Vastyr the Gentle

Chief of the Varmandi clan. He made the Varmandi a Peace clan for the first time ever.


Blew Hat Stead

Home of Kerenath, Kerad, etc. Built by their grandfather at the site where his hat blew off.

Ormsthane Vale

Original home of the Varmandi clan, now occupied by the Orleving clan.


Hillfort, royal seat of King Blackmor of the Colymar.


Colymar tribe

The oldest tribe in Sartar.

Malani tribe

Originally founded by Mad-blood Malan, the Malani is one of the oldest tribes in Sartar.

Orleving clan

Part of the Malani tribe. Their long-standing feud with the Varmandi clan is legendary.


Kingdom founded by the Issaries hero of the same name. Now currently under the influence of the Lunar Empire, and Tarsh in particular.

Varmandi clan

Part of the Colymar tribe. Their long-standing feud with the Orleving clan is legendary.


Lerith Sword

Physical manifestation of Aloramsor's armbone.

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