The Saga of Korol Sure-Strike

Chapter 1: The Larmanthing Clan

During the Gods War, the Larmanthing clan joined Orlanth's army because they thought he had the best chance to survive.

The Larmanthing helped Issaries and Orlanth at Jested's Settlement, where they bested Lodril and Lokarnos.

When Orlanth offered the chance to ascend into the sky world to help in a war, they sent their best and finest to help. This was known as the Open Stair.

During the Storm Age, the Karantuel "Cloud Folk" were adopted into the clan, since they couldn't have survived on their own.

All the Vingkotlings had many foes, but the Larmanthing's worst enemy was Ukkar Gra, King of the Basmoli.

Later, the forces of the storm gods fought madly against their foes, the gods of the sea. The Larmanthing aided them in combat as was needed.

When Orlanth married Ernalda the Earth Mother, the Larmanthing stood on the air side of the circle. When Orlanth and Ernalda reshaped the world, they were granted hilly lands.

At the Battle of Kanda Fant, they aided Vingkot's forces of Fire and Earth.

During the Great Darkness, the clan was nearly exterminated the time when there was no love. The Larmanthing survived the Darkness as a peace clan.

After the Dawn, the First Priests of the clan worked to reestablish links with Ernalda, the Mother Goddess.

The Larmanthing clan decided against following Lokamayadon. As a result, they were oppressed for years by bad folks. After some time, a foreigner named Arkat and his troll allies offered assistance. The Larmanthings threw all their support behind Arkat. After helping to free the Larmanthing, Arkat then betrayed them. This offended their honor, but the Larmanthing forgave him.

When a dragon wearing a human guise approached the clan with offers of secret knowledge, the Larmanthing refused. They would never believe a dragon.

Chapter 2: Korol's Ancestors

Jaran's father was Konarl, the son of Vestarn Eight Men, who served on the Larmanthing clan ring. He married Ormar's daughter Peleni. When the Hendriki came, they killed Konarl and took Peleni. Jaran fled, and took up arms first with Brengon the Reaver, and later with any war leader who needed a strong arm. At one time he fought alongside Malan Hardansson. He had a son named Korol.

When Korol was old enough, his father gave him a fine suit of chainmail and a horse. Korol was unable to interest his clansmen in moving to the newly opened lands to the north, so he set out on his own.

The clan history is inspired by Greg Stafford's 1992 Epic System notes.

Part 2
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