The Saga of Korol Sure-Strike

Chapter 3: Ormsthane Vale

Korol arrived in Ormsthane Vale, and was received with honors by Varmand Orlmandsson. Varmand's housecarls treated Korol coolly, but he was well regarded by the other members of his household.

After planting was complete, Kolbrast Blackmood of the Malani clan of Two Ridge, the father of Varmand's third wife Eonislara, came to visit. On behalf of Mad-Blood Malan, he asked for compensation for the deaths of Egrist and Ornar, whom Varmand had killed when they came raiding with Erland Malanson.

Varmand put the question to the entire clan, appointing Heorl Umathkelsson as his juror. Finally, the clan decided to pay a fair wergild of 20 cows, rather than the 60 cows which Malan had requested. Varmand asked Heorl to deliver this to Malan. Korol volunteered to help negotiate, and convinced Markalor Gidmansson to go as part of the escort. Illig Jarangsson volunteered, and convinced Janstan, son of Volund the Smith, to join the escort. Theya Jarangsdaughter also came.

Orlev the Tall met them at the edge of Malani lands, and sent them on to Two Ridge Fort. The fort was a large, sturdily-constructed hill fort. Malan, who styled himself a king, and most of his housecarls were followers of Humakt.

Malan requested the "brigand chief" Varmand to pay tribute, but Heorl and Korol eventually persuaded him to accept the wergild.

At the feast, everyone praised the fine ale of Ernar Greydog (which, as it turned out, left no hangover, even for Heorl, who overindulged). Lismelder Malansdaughter warned Theya that her father would attack and destroy the Varmandi clan unless they paid tribute. Korol tried to compose a poem about his father and Malan fighting together in Heortland, but didn't do a very good job, and earned black stares from Malan.

The members of the Varmandi clan returned home, glad to have accomplished their mission with no bloodshed. Malan would definitely be a problem in the future, though perhaps the rivalry between Erland Malansson and Lismelder's husband Frodi to succeed Malan would offer a key to survival.

Chapter 4: The Missing Chapter

[A chapter of the saga is missing here. Other sources suggest that Korol became a member of Gulik the Fat's stead, fell in love with his daughter Vigdis, and joined the Varmandi clan. Korol prevented a feud by offering hospitality to several Orlevings who had come to steal Gulik's cows. While defending the herd against an attack by the Jenstali clan, he killed Arangor and crippled Ollil.]

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