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1617 (Earth season - Storm season)

Skolli announced his ring: Umathkara as Ernalda, Kerenath as Issaries, Havarnstal as Lhankor Mhy, Vastyr as Barntar, Maniski as Warrior, Alandra as Kero Fin.

Vastyr didn't want to be on the same ring as Kerenath, and Umathkara argued forcefully against him as well. Skolli then asked Ellena to persuade Kerad to be on the ring, but he resisted her charms.

Skolli then proposed that Kjarr take the Warrior position, Maniski represent Issaries, and Randella act as Kero Fin, and this was acceptable to everyone.

Darkness season was bitterly cold, and many were hungry. Skolli in particular was too busy to tend to his herds, and many of his cows died. Despite Ellena's efforts, children died as well. The carls considered 1617 to be the worst year the Varmandi ever had.

In early Storm season, Jornandar, a man of King Blackmor, arrived. He asked to speak to Skolli the Godi, apologizing when he learned that Skolli was now chief. He offered rings and fine clothes from the king. Blackmor requested the presence of the foremost Hantrafali of the Colymar to witness a new ceremony at Runegate. Skolli told him to tell Blackmor that he had to lead the his clan's Orlanthi ceremonies.

Three days later, Jornandar returned to the edge of the tula, and announced that Blackmor summoned and commanded the Varmandi chief, his loyal spearthane, to appear at Runegate on Orlanth's high holy day.

Skolli brought the entire fyrd to Runegate. He timed things so they arrived during the storm ceremonies. For the first time in 15 years, the House of Orlanth in the town was being used, but a new name was being chanted: Doburdun. There was a new statue as well, and several foreigners aiding or watching the ceremony. Blackmor greeted the Varmandi as brothers of the wind, and demanded their friendship. Skolli said, "This isn't Orlanth." But some of the most traditional Varmandi, lead by Kerad, loudly called on Orlanth.

Blackmor turned to Kerad and said, "Troublesome brother, outlaw, you will submit." But Kerad, with Kerenath's support, called on a thunderbolt, smashing through Blackmor's chest, and knocking over the statue of Doburdun. From this day on, Kerad was known as Kingslayer

One of the foreign observers, wearing iron armor, stepped forward and in his language spoke an incantation against the "death rebel" while drawing a curved sword. But the Orlanthi all made the flight to Orlanth's stead for the High Holy Day ceremonies.

When everyone returned to their senses after the transport, a Taraling weaponthane tried to rally his clan against their chief's killer. After seeing Kerad argue, the foreigner began a ritual, and Skolli tried to cancel his magic. But the foreigner prevailed, and said, "Turn over the outlaw, and you will be spared."

Skolli replied, "Orlanth killed Doburdun. There is no outlaw."

The foreigner said he wasn't interested in a theological argument. The Varmandi said that his demand was not just. The foreigner said he was Count Julan, and had authority granted to him by the Emperor, who had jurisdiction over Dragon Pass.

The Teraling host, 1200 strong, was about to descend on the Varmandi and take vengeance for their slain king.

Aslandar called on his favor with Vantaros, who arrived walking the winds. Vantaros announced himself, and said that Aslandar and his friends were under his protection. The Varmandi returned to their lands.

The clan was concerned about minimizing the repercussions from killing their king. Vastyr proposed outlawing Kerad and Kerenath; Umathkara said that all of Blew Hat Stead should be outlawed.

Kerad and Kerenath were willing to be outlawed, but both were sure they had done the right thing. Kerenath used the Lerith Sword to cut himself away from the clan, so Skolli had freedom with the outlawry. Kerenath asked Dorasa and Havard to accompany him. Aslandar, Lekengor, Maniski, Kjarr, and twelve young Varmandi joined as well. They departed in search of Leika Ballista, figuring that if she became king again she would set matters to right.

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