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1617 (Storm season)

Pendark knew Willandring Clever-Kennings, king of the Balymr tribe, so they decided to head to Balmyr lands.

As the band came down from the hills, they were challenged by two weaponthanes of the Vanstali clan of the Balmyr tribe. Pendark greeted them, asking to see the king. However, they knew that Pendark was in their chief's bad books, and refused. Maniski threatened them with a raid if they didn't bring food, but the weaponthanes weren't impressed, and wouldn't let them cross their tula. The band decided to skirt Vanstali lands.

The band travelled southwest, and came upon an isolated hall, which was not very well kept. A few approached, and a dragonewt came out. It responded very oddly to the Greeting. It singled out Kerenath, who stood his ground as the dragonewt rushed him. It gave Kerenath an Orlanthi arm-grasp (though its claws sunk into his arms), and dragged him into its hall, while reciting the hospitality oath.

The hall was a parody of an Orlanthi chief's hall, including long-decayed corpses propped up where weaponthanes would stand. Maniski gave the dragonewt a piece of jewelry, but it reacted with agitation. Pendark took advantage of its confusion to steal something. It attacked Maniski, who reacted defensively rather than violate hospitality. The dragonewt knocked its head on a roof beam while trying to make a disemboweling leap, and impaled itself on Maniski's parrying sword.

They dragged the dragonewt outside and covered it with stones.

Jarang refused to stay in the dragonewt's stead, although Maniski considered it a gift from Orlanth.

Pendark had found a bone cylinder on a corpse wearing the emblems of Issaries. They were unable to open it, despite Kerenath and Pendark's attempts to undo the magical lock.

The next morning, they burned the remains of the bodies, and resumed their journey south. When they came to another tula, they skirted it.

Aslandar realized that they were in a patrolled areas. Shortly later, they spotted six horsemen. Kerenath, Kerad and Maniski rode forward. The weaponthanes of the Odonagi clan challenged them, but Kerenath persuaded them to let the entire band visit the king. Pendark recognized Willandring's hall. The king was there -- and so was Kjarr.

Note: The GM (Jeff Richard) has decided the campaign was getting "too close to Whitewall," a point at which several of his campaigns have ended, and is now running a new game, set in the First Age.

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