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I keep a log of the events in my East Ralios campaign. This is largely so the players and I can remember what went on the previous game (I don't run the game as often as I'd like). I present it here as an example of a Gloranthan game using the PenDragon Pass rules. I started with all player characters as members of the same clan, in an attempt to solve the standard roleplaying problem: why are these characters adventuring together? To answer the player desire to run divergent characters, characters can be fostered to different clans.

Note that nobody in the game knows the "official" year -- everything is dated according to the clan's current thane. This is in part so I can use events from the timeline in Glorantha without the players knowing what's going to happen.

Each year represents one or two gaming sessions. This follows the Pendragon model, and allows me to run a game with much passage of time. I hope at some point the children of the current characters will be played.

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