Tales of Ralios

Year 23 of Ekel Field-Destroyer, Year 8 of Kerval Very Tall

Nath resolved to do something about the lions. He asked for help from the Belovaking clan, and Konall, Vargast, Jornast, and Harmast arrived.

First, everyone discussed the stories they knew. Nath was familiar with “Bemurok Kills Basmol.” Vargast thought “Orlanth Kills Basmol” was more appropriate. And Konall knew of “Trickster Kills Basmol” from his time with the Alekki.

They decide to visit Valk the Hand, King of Keanos, to learn more, and ask his blessing. One of his advisors cautioned that the Basmoli must be using their own stories to help their invasion. Nath replied, “They have no myths -- their god is dead.”

A member of the Pralori elk people named Stonnen was also guesting with the king. Konall spoke with him, and learned that the Alekki had moved to Wonderwood rather than stay where there was bad hunting. Stonnen also told him that the Basmoli had returned, and were trying to restore how it was before the dawn. He was unwilling to help against the Basmoli.

They decided to head to Pordathi lands, since they had been hardest hit. Una suggested scouting. Nath found some tracks, but they led into the forest so they unharnessed the horses from the chariots and led them into the woods. They were ambushed by several Basmoli, but managed to dispatch them. However, most of them faded away, leaving Vargast annoyed that his head was missing.

They stopped by the Karbaring tula, and were joined by Makkekt, a member of the Beraslei clan of the Halgol tribe, who had been fostered among the Karbaring.

They were guested by Ashin Longspear, thane of the Pordathi. They’d had no more luck dealing with the Basmoli, who often disappeared, leaving no more than a pile of dead leaves behind them.

They set out again, and found a small camp of Lotari, led by Finin. They were from a different clan than Ort had been fostered with, but seemed friendly enough, and unwilling to help against the Basmoli.

They continued until it grew dark, and made their own camp. Vargast offered to watch the entire night. Someone heard a snuffling noise, and Vargast threw Lightwall. Several people ran away. Once the spell expired, they returned. Una charged bravely, but fell. Ort healed her. Harmast and Nath each killed a foe, and they captured two others. They turned out to be Mraloti boar people. They couldn’t speak any language known by the Orlanthi.

Makkekt held the Ring-Making ceremony, forming a ring against the Basmoli. They sacrificed weapons and wealth to Orlanth. Jornast sent his chariot driver ahead to warn the Tussla clan.

Just before dawn, they were attacked by Pralori archers, Mraloti, and Basmoli. The leader , Darbado, had the head of a lion. Harmast charged the leader. Makkekt loosed a sylph at the Mraloti, then flew out of his chariot. Konall was so inspired by the power of Orlanth’s Ring-Making Ceremony that he laid into the Basmoli with a terrible fury. He slew several Basmoli and even a lion, his only fear that some of the cruel beast-men would escape Orlanth’s justice. Nath and Ort gave the Karbaring battle shout, which caused two of the Pralori to flee in terror. Nath took a serious wound, but cast Berserk so he could keep fighting. They killed many of the Basmoli, but were then surprised by their lions. But after much fighting, Harmast killed the leader, and the remainder fled. Harmast made sure to behead his foe while he still had a lion’s head.

Nath failed to snap out of his Berserk spell, and Jornast threw a javelin at him, making him pass out. He then healed him.

Orlgorn Broadhead, thane of the Tussla, arrived with a group of warriors. He received them as heroes, and invited them to stay while Una nursed Nath back to health.

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