Orlanth Kills Basmol

This tale is known by most of the Orlanthi of East Ralios.

While Orlanth was still in the Underworld on the Lightbringer’s quest, his grandson Belil ruled a tribe which still followed Orlanth’s ways.

As the skies slowly lightened to grey, the followers of Basmol, the Lion King, became bolder, and began preying on the herds of Belil’s people. Belil’s warriors drove them off when they could, but they were difficult to see in the deep twilight, and they were often masked by evil magic. In fact, the Basmoli sometimes carried off and ate one of the tribe’s children.

Someone suggested performing the Summons of Evil, to confront their foe as Orlanth had early in the Darkness, but Belil pointed out that many magics had died with the world. In fact, nobody could agree on exactly how to perform the ritual.

Belil led a war party against the Basmoli. He sacrificed to Humath, but the winds were erratic. His warriors were ambushed by the wily Basmoli, who outnumbered the Orlanthi, and Belil had to flee, with many losses.

Next Belil sent an emissary to Basmol, but the Talking God had accompanied Orlanth to the Underworld, and so the Basmoli attacked the herald, who barely escaped with his life.

Finally Belil sent to all the other tribes: the Zebra Folk, the Snake People, the Cat Men, the Kivitti, the Moose People, and many others. Most of them had also suffered at the paws of the Basmoli, but were unable to do anything about it. Belil gave them the best hospitality his tribe could provide in the Darkness, and asked them to join in a Ring against Basmol. The leaders of the different people agreed, all except for one.

Basmol had heard of Belil’s Ring, and he gathered his allies and attacked before Belil could choose his own battlefield. Belil paused only long enough to sacrifice to Orlanth, then charged into battle.

Basmol had many allies, and the fight wasn’t going well for Belil. Suddenly, the sun rose, and a huge bank of clouds came blowing out of the east. Orlanth had returned from the Lightbringer’s Quest!

Belil could now see Basmol, and he fought his way to the Lion King, and struck him down with a thunderbolt. The leaderless Basmoli fled before the oncoming storm, and were cut down in great numbers before Belil called his forces back to celebrate the Lightbringers’ return.

In my campaign, this story was used to help against a Basmoli incursion.

Note that the folk who didn’t help are usually different, depending on who’s telling the story.

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