Trickster Kills Basmol

This tale is known by most of the hsunchen people of East Ralios.

One day, Trickster was very hungry. He decided to visit the best hunter he knew, Basmol the lion. “Greetings, cousin! Let’s go hunting today.”

“Greetings, cousin. You don’t seem to be equipped for hunting.”

“Oh, I can just catch things with my magic. You’ll see.” So Basmol went hunting with Trickster, and soon took down a fine elk. Trickster said, “What a fine hunt! Since I organized it, I get the first kill,” and dragged the elk off to his home without giving any portion to Basmol.

After he had finished the elk, Trickster was again very hungry. He went back to Basmol’s camp. “Greetings, cousin! Today is a fine day for hunting.”

“Greetings, cousin. I will go hunting with you, but this time you don’t get the first kill because you asked me to hunt.” Trickster agreed, and they set off. It was not long before Trickster saw a large deer. “Cousin!” he called, “Our prey is off to the side!” Basmol bounded after the deer and after a short chase, killed it. Trickster came trotting up. “I spotted this deer, so it should be mine,” and he dragged it home to his camp to eat by himself.

When the deer was gone, Trickster again became very hungry. He went to Basmol’s camp. “Greetings, cousin! Let’s go hunting today.”

Basmol gave Trickster a long look. “Greetings, cousin. You may follow me if you wish.” So they set out. Trickster went behind a bush to pee, and startled a moose that was browsing there. It fled to where Basmol was waiting, and he killed it. Trickster went up to Basmol, who said, “Don’t even open your mouth to speak. This kill is mine, and you’re having none of it.” Trickster opened his mouth to wheedle and plead, but Basmol grabbed his tongue and gave a ferocious roar. Trickster fell silent. Basmol sat on top of the moose and started eating the choicest bits. Trickster became angrier and angrier, but Basmol continued until he had eaten the entire moose, and fell asleep with a full belly. “How rude and ungrateful!” he thought. “Has he never heard of generosity? I’ll show him!”

Trickster knew that Basmol was much stronger than he was, and had longer claws and sharper teeth. But Trickster knew that Humath, the Bitter Wind, was even mightier. So he found some fishberries and ate them, then climbed the tallest tree he could find so he would be closer to Humath’s camp.

“Humath! Where are you? I control a wind you do not.”

Humath came howling out of the north, and said in his voice like thunder, “Trickster, you are a liar. I command all the winds.”

“Not this one,” said Trickster, and he let loose a prodigious fart from eating the fishberries. Humath was outraged, and flung a thunderbolt at Trickster, but Trickster was expecting this, and jumped from the tree, which splintered from the blast. Trickster took off running, as Humath flew after him, hurling thunderbolts. Trickster kept dodging, and came to the clearing where Basmol was still sleeping off his immense meal. He ran right on top of Basmol, and waited until the thunderbolt had just left Humath’s hand before leaping clear. It struck Basmol between the ears, killing him instantly. Humath was horrified, and cursed Trickster, but Trickster’s ears were still ringing from the thunder, so he didn’t hear it, and trotted off laughing.

In my campaign, this story was used to help against a Basmoli incursion.

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