Bemurok Kills Basmol

This tale is known by many of the Orlanthi of East Ralios, and all initiates of Bemurok.

Before the sun returned, there were many tribes of lions which preyed on the animals of Ralios. They were all ruled by their king, Basmol. Although Bemurok’s folk were strong, they were also numerous, and thus a favorite prey of the Basmoli, and suffered greatly at their claws.

Bemurok resolved to do something about this, so he rushed out with his friends. But the lions were masters of stealth, and Bemurok and his friends were only able to find and kill a few elderly lions.

Meanwhile, a group of lions had snuck up on the herds. One of Bemurok’s sons, though just a yearling, bellowed out a warning, and Bemurok hurried home to defend his wives, but the lions made away with a few calves.

Bemurok knew that his people were fertile, and outnumbered the lions, so he gathered an army and marched to Basmol’s castle. The Bemuri did outnumber the Basmoli, but Basmol forced many other people to fight on his side, and when they injured a Bemuri, the lions would rush in to finish him off. Bemurok had to withdraw, licking his wounds, and mourning his fallen kin.

Finally, Bemurok’s first wife pointed out that the lions were attacking only the sick or isolated cattle. Bemurok covered a leg in rotten stuff and lay on the ground, helpless. He bleated pleadingly as Basmol came loping up, then, just as Basmol was about to pounce, he leaped up, goring him with his horns.

With their leader dead, the Basmoli lost heart, their subjects rebelled, and the Bemuri were able to defeat them.

In my campaign, this story was used to help against a Basmoli incursion.

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