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Pensée, which means thought or idea, was formed in July 1991, to design and develop software for advanced systems. Pensée works closely with publishers and OEMs to develop products. Our primary expertise is in consumer level products with an emphasis on user interface. We also have experience developing OS level technologies with programmer's APIs, developer tools, and Internet technologies.

Our client list includes:

Pensée is a registered Apple developer and a registered Netscape developer.

Who's Who

David R. Dunham, Director
David is a co-founder of Pensée Corporation. Prior to founding the company, he was a "hired gun" designer and programmer working with various firms including Aldus Corporation and CompuServe. David also had his own Mac software development company, Maitreya Design, where he developed the popular Macintosh outliner, Acta (later renamed Dyno Notepad) as well as numerous well-known shareware products. David's background is in engineering and design. In his spare time he enjoys role playing games and his favorite color is blue (R=0%, G=56%, B=81%).

Scott L. Shwarts, Director
Scott is also co-founder of Pensée Corporation. Prior to founding the company, he was the President and founder of Symmetry Corporation, a Mac software developer and publisher with a number of award winning products. In 1991, Scott sold the company for a bunch of money and formed Pensée with David -- coming back to the fun side of the business (developing products). Scott's background is in engineering and marketing. In his spare time he likes to hike around his new home town and his favorite quote is "We must give good screen".

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