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Many of these heroes still have small, localized cults that venerate them, or can be contacted if their special ability is needed.

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Beat Pot Aelwin
Kitchen slave turned hero. He was born in the Redlands. While serving in the Lunar army, he grew dissatisfied with his lot, rebelled, and held off an entire Lunar regiment with a cleaver. Was shown the joy of the Lunar Way through the personal attentions of Jar-Eel the Razoress, and is now a high priest of the Moonsword cult. [DP.15]
A king of Tishamto. [RM.37]
Alakoring Dragonbreaker
Freed Ralios from dragons, and continued fighting the EWF in Aggar and Holay. He founded the Orlanth Rex subcult. [KoS.93, WF.80, GIHW.55, .60, ST.236-237] (See my Alakoring page for more details.)
Alou the Brushman
Invented writing in the Kralorelan city of Wan Hua. [G.II.27]
Amald the Spine Crusher
Cinsina hero who slew stenogs. [DP.53]
Storm Age lover of Jeromar. [DP.47]
Amphibos the Great Wanderer
A Silver Age demigod who led the newtlings back into Kethaela.
Built a huge boat to save the people, animals, and plants of Dara Happa from the flood. [GRoY.22]
King of the Hendreiki tribe, he was slain by the Pharaoh who then resurrected him. He then reformed the tribe. [GIHW.142]
Androgeous of Jesalma
Many tales are told of Androgeous's origins. All agree that she came to Glorantha during the Great Night. He mothered five children and fathered four, and managed to save thousands of humans from death. Her children were called the Unclean Races, the Walkers of Chaos, the Eaters of Life, and the Unnatural ones. Androgeous's career of heroism resulted in his baneful attachment to this world by a web of grievances, vengeance, debt, and a mystic link between Time and Godtime. As a result, she has become the eternal servant of suffering people. [DP.18]
Angheng the Winnower
Urox the Dragon worshipper [Ralios.6]/dd>
Angorat the Shade-Sword
Fought trolls at Sword Hill. [DP.54]
Annmak the Peacemaker
Led the Return to Rightness Crusade (which he reformed) against the barbarian occupiers of Seshnela, which he then ruled 734-75. [G.I.22, TotRM13.8, RM.19]
Aptanace the Sage
Lived for a time in the Hanjan province, where his son Julang Hombondol invented dams and irrigation. [G.II.25]
At the Dawning, Aram represented the human species on the First Council. He is now worshipped only by the Cult of the Bloody Tusk [ER.99]
Ardinyar Kocholangsson, Lord of the Seven Storms
Came from Ralios to help Argrath [KoS.38]
Daughter of Kodig; worshipped as earth goddess by Colymar. [DP.11]
Argin Terror
The most feared magician in Ralios. [G.II.68, 74]
As a boy, he was forced to flee his home on Starfire Ridge to avoid capture by the Lunar Empire, finding refuge in Prax. Through heroquests he became a dragon-friend and a giant-master, as well as proving himself a true heir to the throne of Sartar. [DP.16, G.II.90, KoS]
Arim the Pauper
Led the resettling of Dragon Pass from the north. [KoS]
A hunter from Ralios who performed the Lightbringer's Quest for aid against the Shadow Empire and the God Learners. [KoS.164]
Arinsor Clearmind
Founder of Sun County in Prax [SC.4]
A chaos wizard of Gbaji the Deceiver's army [G.II.12]
Arinstoli Ten-Arrow
An Impala Rider who first led Praxians to the area of the Wastelands which now bears his name. [TotRM 14.27]
Bilini king who killed the chaos monster Haronzangal in 1434 [DLoD.11]
Arkans Warwood
An aldryami hero of the Second Age, who quested for the God's Finger, and first arrived in the Jrusteli Isles. [ER.59, GIHW.86]
The hero who devoted his life to destroying Nysalor, who he called Gbaji. He spent over 50 years fighting, until he finally defeated Gbaji in 450, and cursed Dorastor. He retired to Ralios, where he ruled for about 50 years. Arkat discovered modern heroquesting. [G.I.18]
He now lives in a constellation of three stars. [SB.44]
He is known as "Gbaji the Deceiver" to most Pelorians.
Defeated Harantho and a huge army of Bull People at the "Bull Stops Here" battle, before the Dawn. [E.73]
Aronius Jaranthir
Ancestor of Haraxalur the Bald, he aided the Red Emperor from 2/29 to 2/34 and again from 4/51 to 4/55. He converted Carmania to the Lunar Way after winning a formal debate with the Magi, an unprecedented occurrence [G.II.33]
Avatar of Antirius, who killed Emperors Huradabba (Son of Evil) and Dardaggus (Eater of Flesh) with sunspears. [GRoY, FS]
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Bailifes the Hammer
A brutal usurper who became "King of Seshnela" (actually Tanisor) in 1412 with the support of the Rokari, whose sect he institutionalized as the One Holy Church of his kingdom in return. [G.I.28]
Hero of Pavis, who fell to Gerak Kag's army in 1239 [RoC.13]
Unified the Votanki tribes at the end of the Second Age: the "Land of Balazar" is named after him. He died in the Dragonkill. His three children (Elkoi, Dykene and Trilus) each built a citadel, now named for its founder.[GM]
Bazkalia Oskor
Famous as a bounty hunter against the Jrusteli, this shaman has ranged the world in search of unusual spells. [G.II.69]
Ancestress of the Thinokos people; one of the Three Crewmen of the Great Boat. [RM.43]
Belintar the Stranger
Swam to shore in Maniria in 1313, and became the Pharaoh. He has reincarnated continually since then in the bodies of champions in the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death, until his recent "spiritual dismemberment" at the hands of Jar-eel the Razoress [G.I.28]
Bethegus, Boatman of the West
His descendents became the Blue Men. [GRoY.23]
Bina Bang
Troll from the Blue Moon Plateau, mother of Pikat Yaraboom. [WF.95]
Black Hralf the Weasel
Blinding Iron Sword
Dwarf hero who defeated the Kivitti elephant people in 204. [BCG.20]
This hero was tricked by the sea spirit Kadiola to build a seven-mile floating bridge across the Baruling River mouth; he then founded Dumanaba, the Floating City. [Heroes I.6.37]
Boroto the Pointer
Ancestor of the Thinokos people; one of the Three Crewmen of the Great Boat. [RM.43]
Also known as Brolarulf Great Leap, the eldest son of Rastalulf Vanak Spear and author of the Immolation Song. [E2.34]
Vingkoting-era demigod. [DP.15,26]
Brond the Carver
Follower of Ygg who carved the mighty ship Serpent from a sentient tree and defeated the Howling Fleet of the God Learners. [GIHW.34]
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A follower of Issaries Goldentongue, this woman hero was the first Desert Tracker. [CoP.59]
Carmanos (or Karmanos)
Son of Syranthir Forefront and the mysterious goddess Charmain of Castle Blue; first Shah, Lawgiver and Prophet of the Carmanians; destroyed at the Battle of Four Arrows of Light. [0W]
A heroic stallion. [DP.17]
Chark the Liberator
Originator of the Individualism Heresy around 700. [ER.14]
Led the resettling of Dragon Pass from the south.
Cragspider the Firewitch was a lady of definitely nonhuman origins. Even the dragons were not sure of her ancestry, for she lived in her mountain long before they were hatched. [BCG, DP.18]
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Dag the Muncher
Ogre King of the city of Iraval; Hon-eel killed him and stole the Mask of Cottel. [5W]
Dalarok Redsail
Merchant captain of Slontos, who spread the Zistori religion [KoS.95]
Dawn Age hero who conquered Seshnela, and ruled from Dangim. [G.II.70]
Danfive Xaron
A murderous outlaw from Torang who had the most dangerous role in the conspiracy of the Seven Mothers, and who almost succeeded in his task. [7M]
Pre-Dawn general from Pelanda, now worshipped as a war god in parts of the Lunar Empire. [E]
Ruler of lands along the Arcos River and reputedly a priestess of Arachne Solara, one of the Seven Mothers whose conspiracy recreated the Red Goddess. [7M]
Delecti the Necromancer
Delecti lived in one of the chief cities of the Empire of the Wyrm's Friends. His magic led to a curse falling on the city, but he achieved a gruesome form of immortality: he can transfer his spirit into a freshly slain corpse. [DP.19]
Deleen Kodigsdottir
Wife of Liorn the Young. [DP.35]
Vingkotling dragonslayer. [DP.65]
Zaranistangi who sacrificed to Tolat, and obtained Sword of Tolat. [RM.39]
Derek Swampfeather
Durulz hero who teaches a feat to hide from zombies. [TotRM 19.58]
Deretinus the Combatant
War Lord in Elmexdros's court, he created artillery chariots. [TotRM 16.58]
Derinogus Pistol
Dorastan general, who fought against Arkat [DLoD.9]
Derreva the Clever
Fought Karvi Blackeye in the Corvid Wars. She is buried at Wethersfield. [DP.19,37,60]
Dijaar and his Five Friends
A Second Age horse nomad. [G.I.23]
Dilfin Doomfarer
A Humakti hero who first created Death Swords. [TotRM 5.16]
Legendary general for Arkat the Destroyer [DLoD.6]
Dormal the Sailor
Broke the Closing of the oceans in 1580, and first thawed the Ban. His mother, Valira, helped with the ceremon. [G.I.27, ML.101]
A "barbarian hero" (probably a hsunchen) whose cult held the secret of dragon speech. Her lover was Arangorf, the Inner Dragon. [G.I.19, KoS.190]
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Edkarl the Digger
Greatest Silver Age hero of the Harandings. He learned to find food by digging in dead things from the Uz, and angered the Esrolians by digging in their necropolis.
Efrodar Humaktsson
Leader of the Black Company. [DP.54]
Keet warrior. [RM.64]
In the year 1 she befriended the Aldryami of western Maslo; a century later she forged the Oath of Elamle between the human colonists and the Aldryami. [ER.36]
A prophet of the Fourth Action, who settled in modern Pasos.
Enjossi the Salmon Man
Founder of Enjossi Clan. [DP.54]
Migration era keet hero. [RM.63-64]
Eringulf of the Vanak Spear
A First Age hero who went on a heroquest to Snakepipe Hollow to win a wife, and was an ancestor of Harmast. [TotRM 7.8]
Born in 610 of six dryad mothers, he united the jungles and performed many other heroic deeds. [ER.35, G.I.22-23]
Lover of Arim, who defeated the Teslir River. [DP.55]
Storm Age Malkioni hero, who tried to find the Castle of Logic. [RM.4]
Ethilrist, Sir
Born in Slontos early in the Imperial Age, he fought the God Learners and fled to Ralios. He became ageless around 1050, then quested to the Underworld where he gained his Black Horses (actually diokos demons). He founded the Black Horse Order. [HW.94]
Keet warrior. [RM.64]
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The Feathered Horse Queen
Fedartha Ever-Die
Perhaps a demigoddess,she dies every winter and returns to life in spring. [Ralios.6]
Keet hero. [RM.75]
Flintnail Hardeye
A Mostali who aided in the construction of Pavis. His son by one of Pavis's daughters founded his cult, which is still popular in Pavis. [RoC.10]
Fogarth Toothaxe
Led the Knights of the Wood. [G.I.23]
An Orgorvaltes clan chieftain, who earned the titles "Foe-breaker" and "Skillful-hand" fighting against the Stravuli. [DP.27]
Father of Hrestol and Ylream, the king of Seshneg at the Dawning married the pagan earth goddess Seshna Likita and was transformed into an immortal prophetic serpent with a human head. [RM.21]
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Garangordos the Cruel
Led immigrants from Laskal to Fonrit, enslaving or killing all the natives. Shamans or priests can still summon his soul. [Heroes I.6.36]
An Orlanthi hero who helped overthrow the EWF, and retired to the Flying Land. [SB.11]
Gargankot Broken Tooth
An early Third Age troll heroine, who first arrived in the Jrusteli Isles. [ER.59]
Garundyer, Hero of the Seven Storms
He is currently the most powerful Orlanthi Heroquester in Glorantha. [G.II.70]
Troll hero.
Gerado Arnadée
Converted from Malkionism to wyrmfriendism [Ralios.6]
Gerak Kag
Defeated the Praxian nomads and invaded Pavis in 1237-1239. He was famous for his leaping ability. [ER.74, RoC.13]
Gerlant Flamesword
King of Seshnela, who was for a time Arkat's liege (and allegedly his son). [G.I.18]
Girl Twins of Jederes
Storm Age Malkioni heroines, who tried to find the Castle of Logic. [RM.4]
Chieftain of the Aurochs, taken from the stead of Bergilmer by Ulanin. [DP.45]
Became Emperor of Kralorela in 1124 [G.I.28]
Gorangi Vak
A Second Age hero who first tamed a skybull. [ST.238, WF.81, DP.53]
Gorantina the Lucky
Favored patroness of Lunar charioteers. [TotRM 16.58]
Troll hero.
Gronkalg the Accelerator
A diamond dwarf who used the One-Time Tunnel Collapse in the Second Age, and first arrived in the Jrusteli Isles. [ER.59]
Gunda the Guilty
Daughter of a valkyrie who was conquered and raped by a cruel philosopher. When she was 12 she claimed by combat her first pack of wolf-pirates. She escaped from and killed the Queen of the Kiss, and has become a close friend of Harrek.
Gustin Hammer
Andrin's loyal thane, who fought against the Pharaoh. [ST.236]
Gwalynkus the Good
Descendent of Gadmus, a dwarf, and a dryad. Consolidated the nation of Dorastor in 150, and married Florencia-Sillinhalia, a Gold Wheel Dancer. [BCG.34, DLoD.6]
Gwythar Longwise
Barbarian hero who opposed Hwarin Dalthippa. His perfectly-preserved body now acts as a blind traffic warden on her bridge at Mirin's Cross. [2W]
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Hachrat Blowhard
A troll hero of Orlanth [KoS.51, WF.80]
Hero who stood off the armies of Gbaji after the Battle of Night and Day. [DP.30]
Harfraftos the Founder
Centaur who created the Grazer tribe [KoS.108]
Harmast Barefoot
First human to perform the Lightbringer's Quest, he did it once for Arkat and again for Talor the Laughing Warrior [KoS.92, KoS.164, ST.236, ST.239, WF.81]
Harrek the Berserk
[G.II.15, GIHW.80]
Hendreik Freeman
Founder of the Hendreiki tribe, and its Larnsti ruling class. He fought the Gbaji Empire. [GIHW.142, ST.236, DP.5]
Culture hero of the Orlanthi. [KoS, E1.20, ST.240]
Cursed Knight of Seshnela. [RM.22]
Heseroon Marn
The "Faithful Dragon," who fought against ShangHsa with martial arts. [RM.84]
Hiia Swordsman
A one-armed Humakti hero, whose cult now serves the Feathered Horse Queen. He wears turtle-shell armor. [TotRM 5.25]
Hisgoranstor of Gach
A prehistoric hero from Teshnos, who was shamed by a god of Melib. [G.II.86]
Hofstaring Treeleaper
Chieftain, from the Nele lineage. [DP.27]
Hon-Eel the Artess
Third Inspiration of Moonson, Hon-Eel converted Tarsh, liberated Maize and settled Oraya, before she was slain at the Nights of Horror. The Fifth Wane is named after this Lunar heroine. [5W, WF.24]
Hon Hoolbiktu
Doraddi hero who drove the Six-Legged Empire out of Jolar (in Pamaltela) in the Second Age. [TotRM 11.12]
A Brithini who discovered a new way of worshipping the Invisible God through Malkion. He also invented Chivalry, Knighthood, Caste Mobility and Martyrdom. [G.I.17]
A "horned hero" of Storm Bull who sought to destroy the Chaos god Tien [SotB.74]
Hwarin Dalthippa
The Conquering Daughter of the Red Emperor, who converted Sylila to the Lunar Way and brought the southern Provinces into the Empire. She married Ingkot Axe-and-a-half. [2W, TotRM 16.44]
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First Prophet of Pelanda. See also articles on Carmanian Prosopædia and Oronin. [E]
Imolo Wen
A great swordsman who cleared Boshan of two-headed monsters, and runs a famous martial arts school. [G.II.23]
Indrodar Greydog
A Humakti hero worshipped mainly in Lismelder land. [TotRM 5.26, TotRM 19.4]
Ingkot Axe-and-a-half
Husband of Hwarin Dalthippa. He was the most powerful chieftain of the Sylilings, and with Hwarin, brought Sylila into the Lunar Empire and founded its first ruling clan. When his son Phirmax was killed, he took vengeance against the river spirit Bold Vareleus, but died in the battle as well. [2W]
Ingolf Dragonfriend
Born in Holay. Moved to Ralios, where he ruled the Hestven lands. [KoS.186, WF.81]
The Inhuman King
Leader of the dragonewts of Dragon Pass. More properly known as the Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros.
Inki the Steersman
Found the Great Boat, and led the Third Migration from Thonobutu, founding Ulrana. One of the Three Crewmen of the Great Boat. [RM.43,48]
Centaur king of Beast Valley, said to be nephew of the Horse God. [DP.22, KoS]
Irrippi Ontor
A Carmanian magus who had studied Yuthuppan star-lore. Exiled with Yanafal Tarnils, he joined (or led?) his protégée in the conspiracy of the Seven Mothers. [7M]
Isidilian the Wise
A Quicksilver Mostali, and master of Dwarf Mine in Dragon Pass. [BCG, DP.24]
Isidros the Dancer
Son of Kulebras and Vyrope, discovered Feldichi ruins at Dokat some time before 149. [DLoD.6]
Ivi Kange
Founded Arbennan Kingdom ~1615 [G.I.29]
Izen Swiftrunner
Hunter, famous for catching the Blue Boar. [DP13]
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Jakaleel the Witch
Rumored to be blind, crippled, and/or a troll, this insane hag from the Jord Mountains was one of the Seven Mothers. [7M]
Jaldon Goldentooth (or Tooth-Maker)
Born around 890 to a Bison clan. He sacked Pavis in 940. He managed to unify all the tribes to help in the destruction of the EWF, but was cursed by them and can never return to Prax. [DP, RoC.12, TotRM 15.7]
Jan Ironclad
Garanvuli warrior. [DP.34]
Hero of the First Wane Dara Happan rebellion, a barbarian from the southlands who attempted to sack the Red Moon and was slain by the Twin Stars for his presumption. [1W]
Jarankol the Solarslayer
Led an army which sacked Dara Happa. [ST.236]
Jar-Eel the Razoress
She led the warrior discipline known as the Moonsword cult, and wrote much poetry. During her lifetime, a dour Lunar monk admitted grudgingly that she was "friendly and happy, clever and beautiful, holy and deadly." [DP.15, G.II.34]
Jarkaru, the Indigo Conqueror
Artmali war leader who conquered the Agimori kingdom of Tishamto, then plundered the world with the Aquamarine Armada. [RM.38]
Sir Javinu
Carmanian [DLoD.14]
A chariot warrior who worshipped Kargzant, he woke Raibamus, conquered Alkoth, and became Emperor of Dara Happa. He is considered a god of charioteers today. [GRoY.37, TotRM 16.57]
Heortling who fought the trolls before the EWF began. [GIHW.145]
Storm Age lover of Amilanth. [DP.47]
Jofrain Nightburner
Freed Lankst from the trolls. [GIHW.55]
Hauberk Jon
Priest of Orlanth from the Malani tribe, who was the first mayor, and later protective spirit, for Jonstown. [KoS.134]
Jodun Bloodface
Hero of late EWF era, who was cursed 3 times. [DP.26]
Jonat Big-Bear
Mighty-thewed hero who travelled from Fronela to Seshnela during the Downfall of the God Learners and returned with many treasures to found the Kingdom of Jonatela.
Joraz Kyrem (Horaz Kyrhee)
Pure Horse khan, who allied with Pavis and reestablished his people in Prax [RoC.10]
Haragalan hero, called "Monster Slayer." [RM.76]
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Kalasmas the Settler
Moved to Dorastor in 114. His sons were Gadmus and Benk, and his daughter married Skal. [DLoD.5]
A son of Kargzant who fought against Valind and his ice demons. Now visible as a star. His cult was revived by Emperor Reclusus, in order to bring better weather to the Lunar Empire. [E.86, SB.45, FS.68]
Kallyr Starbrow
Queen of the Kheldon tribe, this descendent of Sartar led a rebellion against the Lunars in 1613. Eventually she became King of Sartar. [G.II.56, KoS, E1.21]
Kalops the Sacrificial King
Silver Age hero who gave his life to Esrolia.
Kemparana Eighthands
A raider who built a tower in the wilds of Mondoro from coral he stole from Bambara Maunde. [Heroes I.6.37]
Liberated Dara Happa from the horse-riding overlords. [GRoY]
Khorismus the Superior Racer
Son of Hercine, a nymph of the apple trees in Darjiin. He was the best charioteer in Khorzanelm's reign, and is now considered a god of charioteers. [TotRM 16.57]
Ended the Corvid War and became king of the Kheldon tribe. [DP.37]
Kobri Flapear
A Mostali who lived and worked at Dokat, ancestor of Gwalynkus the Good [DLoD.6]
Korol Kandaros
One of the Four Brothers, founder of the Koroltes tribe. He is noted for his knowledge of the law. [DP.51]
Kostajor Wolf-champion
Telmori warrior. [KoS, DP.24]
Kui Hui the Giant Hero
Saved the Huam Chow from the Lobster Demon shortly before the Opening. He lives in Laonan Tao, and has an elephant-sized horse. [G.II.23, 25, GIHW.184]
Consort of Vyrope, returned from Thunder Mountain with the sword Ironbreaker. [DLoD.6]
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Stravuli tribesman who won the contest for Kero Fin's Necklace in 178. He was Chief of the Heortlings. [BCG.19]
Rebuilt Pelanda after the Bleak Period [E.72, TotRM 16.48]
Nomad leader who headed west. Won Bull Is Stopped battle. [AotLK]
Li Phanquann
Humakti hero from Kralorela, who fought for the EWF. His cult hates undead. He fought hopping vampires at Sword Hill. [TotRM 5.25, DP.54]
Lokamayadon, from the Biling tribe of Talastar, was leader of the Brotherhood of the Storm, and became chieftain of all Orlanthi within Ostentalka's Golden Empire. He heroquested for the Three Lightnings, the Hidden Wind, and the Forbidden Wind of the Black Dog. But he could not thunder, never controlled the Storm rune, and never fulfilled the Lightbringer's Quest. (See also the Hero Wars web site.) [BCG.8, BCG.30, TotRM7.8, WF.30]
Luy Wi
A son of Allgiver and hero of the Kralorelan city of Lokow. He is credited with making the Iron Forts. [SB.12]
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Makla Mann
King of the Otkorioni in the First Age, and Sword Lord of Humath, he fought as part of the Dari Alliance, and was a representative to the High Council of Genertela. He is famous for his loyalty to Arkat, even when he was betrayed. [BCG.29, TotRM 5.25]
Makt Vatharg
Led the Guhan Guard [Ralios.38]
The Great Prophet and Lawgiver of the West, who brought Solace to his people in the Great Darkness. (See also Nick Brooke's article.)
Came to Thonobutu with the Three Crewmen of the Great Boat and liberated it from demons. Great Protector of the Thinokos Tradition. [RM.43,48]
Man of Five Stones
A "naked growling mystic of Twice Blessed" who led an army in the Second Age. [G.I.23]
Manarlavus the Roofer
Emperor who constructed a roof over Dara Happa. Originator of "I hate Darjiin usurpers." [GRoY.30]
Mani of the Many Lives
A hero of Pavis [RoC.14]
Founder of the last ruling dynasty of Darjiin before it fell to the Dara Happans. Helped Darjiini survive the Great Darkness by hiding in hillforts. His spirit was incorporated into the Brooch of Manimat, a piece of jewelry sacred to the Darjiini. It was captured by Khordavu and made a part of the Dara Happan (now Lunar) Imperial Regalia. [GRoY, FS]
First Pope of the Holy Rokari Church of Seshnela, he crowned Bailifes the Hammer, proclaimed Rokar as the Third Prophet at the Sixth Malkioni Ecclesiastical Council in Leplain (the validity of this council is now disputed by the Hrestoli Idealists of Loskalm), and is now venerated as a Saint: the biggest cathedral in the world is named after him!
Martalar the Blazing Forge
Protected the dwarves of Gemborg as well as the Caladrians.
Ninth king of Tarsh. He can be consulted for oracles at Marof's House. [DP.67]
Grand Knight (or wizard-knight), and First Knight of the Order of the Swallow. He is an accomplished heroquester. [G.II.12, 19]
Jrusteli Emperor who tried to invade Brithos in 823. [G.I.23]
Searched for Elamle in the Great Outrigger Wave Calmer; led the migration from Sharzu to Maslo. [RM.44]
Monrogh (Monro)
Founded the Yelmalio cult in Sartar [KoS, DP.11]
See Red Emperor
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Leader of the Telmori who entered Dorastor around 850 [DLoD.10]
Narmeed Whirlvishbane
Bison Rider who aided Argrath [CoP, KoS.23]
Nralar the Old
A Seshnelan king, who died in 632 after 114 years of rule. (Some sources give his name as Nepur.) [G.I.22, RM]
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Ocron Everseer
A famous God Learner, who recorded facts about all known creatures. [GIHW.63]
The Only Old One
Son of Argan Argar. Also known as Ezkankekko.
A son of the Storm Bull who fought Death to save Eiritha. [TotRM 14.5]
A Storm Age hero. [DP.32]
A Storm Age rival of Orstan. [DP.43]
Orstando Black Wolf
Ygg's Islander who made the first Yggite long ships, drove the Loskalmi from the islands, and finally was bound into the figurehead of his ship. [TotRM 10.7]
A Garanvuli king. [DP.43]
Hero of Oskulssaga, noted for killing Bad King Urgrain. [E1.18]
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Palangio the Iron Vrok
Palangio the Vrok, from Kestinaddi, defeated the Only Old One and conquered Kethaela after the trolls left the Dawn Council. He was defeated by Arkat. [BCG, RQC.17]
Palashee Longaxe
Rebel Tarshite King who fought off the Lunar Empire -- for a time. Remembered as a violent drunk; unusually for an enemy of the Empire, his body hasn't been exhibited or recycled (yet).
Panaxles the Architect
Silver Age hero from Esrolia, who contested with Sestarto of the Heortlings. When Sestarto finally won by constructing the Needle, Panaxles killed him, then committed suicide.
Pan Chaku, the
A First Age hero who led the human invasion of the great marsh of Sozganjio. [ML.76, GIHW.236]
Founding Khan of the Char-Un, a brutal tribe of horse folk. He didn't like the elf forest the Red Emperor gave his people to live in, so he burnt it to the ground with the Skyburn. [1W]
Last Autarch of Arkat's Stygian Empire. [RM.25]
Born in Adari in the Second Age, he animated the Faceless Statue, allied with the Horse People, defeated the Praxians, and made the city of Pavis from the statue's body. [RoC.9]
Pharaoh, The
See Belintar.
Pikat Yaraboom
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A demigod from the Second Age who knew Gbaji, and was killed by Arkat. He was brought back by the God Learners. He is now ruler of Dorastor. [SB.6]
Rastalulf Vanak Spear
Dawn Age hero of the Heortlings, the most impressive warrior of his time. His feud with King Haradangian led to the Immolation. [E2.28]
Red Emperor
Ruler of the Lunar Empire, son of the Red Goddess (allegedly made from those masculine parts which she lacks): his full titles include Moonson, King of Kings, Padishah, Son of Light, Bridge to Heaven, Lord of Glorantha, Takenegi.
Renvald Meldekbane
Fought the God Learners. [ST.241]
Retter the Stalker
Duke of Delela
Burnt as a heretic for his attacks on ecclesiastical corruption in early Third Age Seshnela, this visionary priest founded the sect that was to become the Holy Church of Seshnela.
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Salvi the Good
Locaem Resettlement hero. [DP.68]
Salvid the Magus
One of the Incorruptible Sons of Damolstan, who defeated the Iron Mountain mostali. [RM.25]
Founded an Orlanthi kingdom in Dragon Pass in 1492. He was a master of the Change Rune () [G.I.29, ST.242]
Saruvan the Builder
A son of Quivin. [DP.47]
Saw-Tooth Korvan
A meat-eating elf who terrorized the Stinking Forest to help trolls during the Inhuman Occupation of Dragon Pass between 1200 and 1250 [ER.52]
Sed Seddi
Arbennan hero who fought against the Six Legged Empire. [ML.104]
Serandarn the Ironwood
Greatest aldryami hero alive at the start of the Hero Wars [GIHW.251]
Jrusteli prophet who spread monotheism. [RM.11,25]
Seseko the Fire Lord
Cleansed the demons and monsters from the city of Kalabar [Heroes I.6.37]
Sestarto the Artist
Silver Age hero of the Heortlings, who crafted many things of great beauty, including the Needle (sometimes associated with the Ivory Plinth). He was killed by Panaxles.
Uz assassin from Imperial Age Guhan [Ralios.38]
Sheng Seleris
This Pentan leader assaulted Kralorela and spent a century of torment in a Kralori Hell; on escaping, he led his nomads against the Lunar Empire, and now suffers unending torments in a Lunar Hell. [3W, 4W, KoS]
Siglat the Good
Son of Snodal, became King of Loskalm in 1500. Founder of the Hrestoli Idealist church of Loskalm, and hailed as a Saint by his kingdom. [G.II.15]
Siglolf Cloudrusher
He can send rocks from rainclouds. His cult is popular in Vesmonstran. [G.II.68]
Prince of Loskalm who killed the God of the Silver Feet in 1499 bringing the Syndics Ban to Fronela [G.I.27, G.II.14]
Storm Age Malkioni hero, who tried to find the Castle of Logic. [RM.4]
Son of the Hawk
Hero of most Arbennan tribes. [ML.104, RM.51]
Stravul the Lean
Founder of Stravlu tribe, anccestor of Arim the Pauper. [DP.53]
King of Seshnela, he became Jrusteli Emperor in 789 [G.I.23]
Swen Leapfoot
A warrior from the Balkoth tribe, who founded Swenstown with Sartar's help. [KoS.135]
Syranthir Forefront
A General who was driven from Loskalm by the God Learners, marched up the Janube with an army of ten thousand men, and founded the Carmanian Empire. Karmanos was his son. [TotRM 16.48, RM.26]
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He defeated the Basmoli. He hid Eiritha from Death. He was slain fighting chaos, and is buried beneath the huge tumulus in Prax. Among the powerful medicine bundles of Prax are the Three Grisly Portions: Tada's Sandals, Tada's Cudgel, and Tada's Mask. [TotRM 14.10]
Doraddi chieftain, from the Nele lineage. [RM.41]
Talor the Laughing Warrior
A companion of Arkat's who could always see the funny side; rumored to bring the Loskalmi "Strength through Joy". He cursed the Telmori. [RM.26]
Orgorvaltes tribesman who fought the Praxians in the Nine Blows of Anger. [DP.55]
Taros the Ridgeleaper
Leader of the Far Walkers. [DP.10,33]
Terthinus, the Voice of the Deep
A piratical merman leader, who declared himself ruler of the Dashomo Sea in 1618 [G.I.29]
Tessele the True
Silver Age heroine who ruled Caladraland, and battled Chaos with the Blazing Axe for love of Vortem. [Tradetalk 4]
Thanrax (or Thantax) the Fair
Jrusteli leader who founded Robcradle, ~780. [RoC.6, .9]
Tierre of Caskall
Opened Laurmal to trade, and founded Rhis castle. He is also known as Speaker to Beast Men. [G.II.82]
Toras Joran
Praxian hero, who repeatedly raided Pavis. He was the first person to damage the temple, and killed many heroes of Pavis. [RoC.6, 13]
Jrustelan who led the Return to Righteous Crusade and became Hero King of Seshnela. [RM.26]
Tuvular Boar-Blade
Dawn Age lover of Jeromar. [DP.54]
Twin Stars
Ancient Lunar heroes who were instrumental in defending Glamour and the Crater from powerful enemies early in the empire's history. They manifest in temporary bodies capable of housing their awesome energies. [DP]
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Ulianus III
King of Seshnela, remembered as a Strong King: he was seven feet tall, and terrified his opponents. He conquered most of Safelster around 1455, and reintroduced Chivalry to Rokari Seshnela... until his son Vikkard brought it into disrepute [G.I.28]
A chaos hero who attacked Talastar in 1297 [DLoD.11]
Urgrain, Bad King
A hapless king of the Vingkotlings [E1.18]
Urvairinus the Conqueror
Dara Happan emperor who first organized armies. He is now invoked before battle. [GRoY.28, FS.9]
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Valare Addi
Valare Addi was an early Travel and Journeyer, a follower of the Red Goddess before she ascended into the sky. Valare compiled the Entekosiad. The Path of Addi is one of the earliest independent heroquests discovered by the Lunars. [E.97]
Valastos With Seven Pens
A God Learner who tried to warn her colleagues about changes in the Spirit Plane. [G.I.25]
A God Learner Robinson Crusoe who inadvertently founded a Church devoted to looking after shipwrecked wizards during his enforced stay in the East Isles.
Vamargic Eye-necklace
Great troll hero. [DP.50]
Varajiia Nopor
An EWF magician who raided the Paps and wounded Waha. [RoC.10]
Varantol the Mangler
Fought the God Learners; had the ability to breathe fire. [ST.236]
Varganthar the Unconquerable Knight
Led barbaric armies in Dawn Age Fronela. [G.II.14]
Vargast Redhand
Killed Lokamayadon at the Battle of the Verge. [ST.236, DP.58]
Varzor Kitor
First Warlord of the World Council of Friends. He was known as Master of the Demons of Death, and was a Death Master of Zolan Zubar. In 172 he killed the Dara Happan emperor Kestinendos in the city of Yemes, in Vanch. [BCG.19]
The "savage but heroic" king of Saird, who fought against the EWF. His father was Emperor Sarenesh of Dara Happa. His brothers included Heredesh, Emperor of Dara Happa, and Kewetesh, Shah of Carmania. [FS.40]
Dara Happan hero who went on a disastrous Hill of Gold heroquest which mortally wounded Antirius. [GRoY.34]
Vikard of the Tourneys
King of Seshnela, this wastrel squandered his inheritance from Ulianus III on ever more expensive chivalrous amusements, which cost him his lands and his reputation. Remembered as a Weak King. Held the Most Grand Tournament of History in 1511 [G.I.29]
Vingkot the Victorious
[WF.80, E1, E2]
Vistikos Left-Eye
Formed the first of the EWF's Waltzing and Hunting Bands in 575 (or 573) [G.I.19, GIHW.145]
Vogarth Strongman
A Silver Age hero of Esrolia, who built the dam around Necropolis. [Tradetalk 4, ST.243]
Imperial Age chieftain; her ancestress was Urstera. [DP.59]
Most famous hunter from the Elder Wilds (in 178), he contested for Kero Fin's Necklace. [BCG.19]
Vorwaha Bisonlord
A Hyaloring who became emperor of Dara Happa. He rewoke the worship of Dayzatar. He is most likely a direct ancestor of the Grazers. [GRoY.40]
Darkness Age hero, how a river. [DP.59]
Granddaughter of Kalasmas the Settler, discovered Cleft of Dorasta in 137 and became first priestess of Dorasta. [DLoD.6]
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Accompanied by Stag Riders and leading a chaos mob, he raided from Dorastor in 1608 [DLoD.11]

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First Saint; wife of Froalar and mother of Hrestol, whom she sacrificed herself for. [RM.27]

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Yan Starcere
A Dawn Age hero of Humakt, who bore the sword Shatternot. [TotRM 5.25]
Yanafal Tarnils
Carmanian noble, son of the satrap of Yuthuppa, he went into exile after his father was mutilated and executed on trumped-up charges, and joined the conspiracy of the Seven Mothers. Founder of the Red Army, he is famous for winning a duel against Humakt, the Carmanian Wargod. [7M]
Yazurkial Blue Llama
A prominent Praxian war leader in Argrath's Saga [KoS.23]
Last solar emperor of Dara Happa. Found The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm, and heroquested to discover lost Yelmic mysteries. Was a personal friend of the Red Goddess when she was a human, and aided her in ousting the Carmanians. Because all his heirs died fighting for Rufelza, he declared Takenegi his successor. [FS]
Founder of the Serpent King dynasty of Seshnela. He was born in 2. He had serpents' tails in place of legs, and rode a steed more draconic than equine. [G.I.17]
Yojarl Thirdeye
Hero of Iffinbix area in Pavis, taught the use of the agipith root [RoC.14]
Yolfol Karat
Warrior of the Guhan Guard in the Second Age [Ralios.38]
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The Prime Wizard of Brithos, who engineered the Closing [G.I.26]
He describes himself as a rune. [RM]


BCG = Broken Council Guidebook, CoP = Cults of Prax, DLoD = Dorastor: Land of Doom, DP = Dragon Pass (may refer to board game or supplement), E#= Enclosure, E = Entekosiad (RQ-Con Down Under edition), ER = Elder Races Book, FS = The Fortunate Succession, G = Genertela, GIHW = Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars, GM = Griffin Mountain, GRoY = Glorious ReAscent of Yelm, KoS = King of Sartar, ML = Missing Lands, RM=Revealed Mythologies, RoC = River of Cradles, RQC = RuneQuest Companion, SB = Secrets Book, SotB = Shadows on the Borderland, ST = Storm Tribe, TotRM = Tales of the Reaching Moon, WF = Wyrms Footprints


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