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In 1614, the Varmandi paid 400 cows tribute (Kerenath's family lost half its wealth). Vastyr sponsored a duck hunt.


In 1615, the Varmandi sent a delegation to Leika Ballista, the queen, complaining about the tribute, but she was unable to do anything. Blackmor the Rabid and his wealthy followers claimed that Leika was a weak queen, and promised to reduce the tribute. Skolli was among his first supporters. At a tribal moot, Blackmor showed up with a host of supporters, shocking Leika. Many of the clan chiefs weren't present, including Vastyr. Blackmor challenged Leika, claiming she could no longer form a ring. Leika backed down. As his first official action, Blackmor outlawed Leika and her supporters. Not long after, Blackmor announced that the tribute was halved. He also stated that he had placed several Lunar foreigners under his protection.


Havarnstal the White said 1616 would be a lucky year, pointing out its digits totalled 14, twice seven. Aslandar noted that the Orleving were encroaching on traditional Varmandi hunting lands. Skolli was outraged, and everyone went to Aski Harbardson's stead. He agreed to support them before the chief. Kerenath argued skillfully, and Vastyr agreed to summon a meeting of the clan council. The ring was opposed to this, but Vastyr said that Aslandar should hunt agressively.

Aslandar gathered some companions, and spent three days before he found three Orleving hunters, sons of Hrothgar. As they fled, Aslandar felled Hrut with a javelin. Kerad raced after them, and cut down Hogni with a lightning-quick blow. Harald turned to leave, but Hogni grabbed at his leg. Harald then tried to kill Kerad, but Kerad gave him a serious wound. Skolli managed to heal Harald, and the Varmandi brought their captives to chief Vastyr. Vastyr was not happy, but offered half the ransom, then sent the messenger to Captives Knoll, where the Orlevings paid the standard ransom.

Kerenath assembled a small caravan to obtain a stud stallion for Alandra, attempting to emulate Narsendor's famous trade for a fire-breathing stallion. They decided to travel to Fort Wintertop. Urganth pledged to climb Mt Wintertop and jump off.

In the Dragonewt Wildlands, Issaries warned Kerenath of an ambush. Kerad circled around and discovered four men, two dragonewts and a duck hiding behind a rise. Urganth summoned a listening wind, and overheard them arguing about dividing the spoils. Kerenath offered to trade, but they tried to extract tribute. Kerenath refused, and Urganth called a lightning bolt at the leader. Urganth and Kerad took down their foes, and Alandra rode down the duck. Kerenath drove his foe back, then got him to surrender. He was Havard the Outlaw from the city of Alda-Chur. He said Otto Snaggletooth was an unlucky leader, and agreed to follow Kerenath. They took the two ponies and donkey from the bandits, but let them keep their weapons.

They continued to Fort Wintertop. Kerad decided to accompany Urganth to the Leaping Point. Kerad leaped successfully, but Urganth flew up, and was carried into the hero plane, where he was guested at Orlanth's Hall.

Alandra found a fine Horse-Spawn stallion, but it was not for sale. Kerenath offered the conch shell, but the Horse-Spawn replied, "The Pearl Spiral is not a conch." They had to settle for a normal horse. Kerenath made a small profit on the other goods they'd brought.

At the annual tribute gathering, the other clans seemed pleased to learn that the Varmandi were still a peace clan. Kerenath befriended Dorasa of the Antorling, daughter of Hrotar, a wealthy carl. She had been to Jonstown, and was worldly and well-educated, with a good command of words, though not a beauty.

Vastyr asked Kerenath to take the tribute to the Lunar fort south of Runegate. Other clans had brought carts of dead durulz, as well as a coffle of live ones. A huge herd of cattle had been brought. As Kerenath presented the tribute, the Tarshites said of Aslandar, it was no wonder that with such impressive specimens the Sartarites had been able to deal with the Dara Happans, but of course the Tarshites could put them in their place. Kerenath asked, "Where in Tarsh is the Bat from?" The Tarshite thane became angry, but a Lunar priestess intervened.

They decided to stay the night at Runegate. Kerenath gave gifts worth 3 cows to King Blackmor. He learned that Blackmor had agreed to allow the Lunar priestess and other missionaries to travel in Colymar lands in exchange for reducing the tribute. Then the priestess, Elemecusa came over and talked to Kerenath for a while, which annoyed his uncle Maniski. A Tarshite housecarl named Varus gave a brooch to Ellena.

During Dark season, one of Skolli's oxen was found mutilated. Aslandar thought it was a broo. He told Kerenath and Kerad, who summoned Maniski and Lekengor. Aslandar followed tracks into the Thunder Hills, and up to Giant's Table. They arrived as night was falling. There wasn't enough snow to dig a shelter in, but Lekengor built a small windbreak and hunkered down for the night. Kerenath heard noises from the cave. The fire went out, but Skolli caused the fire to burst into bright, towering flames, revealing two dark trolls and some trollkin, who fled. The Varmandi rushed the dark trolls as a group, and cut their heads off.

Vastyr replaced Skolli's ox, and gave the others a sheep.

Strangers came from the south, riding unusual ponies. A group gathered, and Kerenath challenged them. Hoskuld Isolting answered, said that he and his companions were protecting foreign travellers. When Kerenath refused passage, Elemecusa tried to wheedle with Kerenath. One of the warriors rode forward, dismounted, and began doing a drumming dance. Lekengor threatened him, but Kerenath got the foreigner to back down. Elemecusa pressed Kerenath, who demanded that she dismiss the Malani and give gifts to the chief. Vastyr refused her gifts, and refused hospitality. They continued to escort them to Taraling lands. Elemecusa tried to corrupt the Varmandi with confusing words, then gave a pouch of Lunar coins to Kerenath.

Havarnstal the White said, "It was better in the old days -- now we can only choose between shades of wrong."

During Orlanth's day, a sticky black rain came, which couldn't be cleansed.

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