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Sacred Time

The Lunars had built a new hillfort in the Nymie Vale, which they called a manor. It was worked exclusively by thralls.

During the Sacred Time ceremony of the Summons of Evil, another evil black rain fell, extinguishing the fires and overcoming Vastyr and his companions. Havarnstal the White said there was a similar cloud 15 years ago, but not as bad. The ceremony could barely be completed. Other Colymar clans had similarly bad omens. Most folk blamed the Lunars.


Kerenath went to the market at Runegate, which was bustling. There were half a dozen foreign merchants. Kerenath presented Vastyr's gift, and Blackmor gave gifts to Kerenath and Kerad. Kerenath told him of the clan's woes, and said that many blamed the Lunars. Blakmor said that many of priests were weak and incompetent. He showed off the gifts he'd been given by the foreigners. He said that the Lunars couldn't push him around, and there would be no more slave farms.

They learned that the Pharaoh was not reborn to the south. Prince Temertain was attacked during the rituals he'd led, and his housecarls were unable to defend him.

Blackmor had driven away anyone who'd had ties with Leika -- he had little respect for storm voices in general, and less for those who'd served her. He also never swore by the gods. He was stricter on outlaws as well. Blackmor had charged the black rain himself, and chased it away.

Kerenath found the hall where the Lunars stayed, and was directed to the market. Elemecusa introduced to her brother Sarensen. Kerenath got some excellent deals on glass, dyes, and fine cloth -- a profit of five marks.

They then travelled to Redbird, in the Arfritha Vale. Kerenath exchanged gifts with the chief. He then visited Hrotar, who was a lanky fellow with a bristly beard, and readily agreed on a brideprice for Dorasa. The marriage was set for after the harvest.

At the end of Fire season, a group of Tarshites came demanding to speak with Vastyr. They told him they were representing the brother of the priestess, and had a claim for "illegal trade" in the amount of six marks. Vastyr refused to make summary judgement, and recommended to Kerenath giving back half the profit. The Tarshites were upset, but left. Kerenath went to Runegate and tried to setle for two marks, but Sarensen angrily rejected the offer.

Kerenath consulted with Havarnstal about the case, and gave him a horse. Havarnstal advised him to gather supporters, but not to talk to the chief, the king, or to foreigners. Aski also agreed to go with him. When the time came to go, Havarnstal told Kerenath to ask Vastyr to represent him. After some persuasion, Vastyr agreed, and about a score of men rode to the quarterly law moot.

They camped, and waited for developments. Havarnstal told Kerenath to refuse to accept jurisdiction, because the foreigners were not in the same tribe. The Tarshite lawspeaker pointed out that the traders were under Blackmor's protection, and thus the case could be heard. Kerenath gave gifts to the king, said that Blackmor could not rule against a friend, and said that only Temertain could hear the case.

Representatives of the Hiording, Taraling, and Arnoring clans announced at the moot that they would no longer pay tribute to the Varmandi. Vastyr replied that he would rather have their friendship. The king gave gifts to Vastyr.

The next day, the king ruled that proper justice required that the Dara Happans, who were in fact under Fazzur Wideread's protection, argue their case before Temertain. The Dara Happan merchant was furious.

The harvest ceremonies were successful.

Kerenath and Dorasa were married.

Vastyr paid almost half the yearly tribute himself.

One of Hindala's sons, Hauk, accused Kerenath of hijacking the chief for a private legal matter.

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