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People said that Kerenath was more distant than before the quest, though his wife found him even more manly. Kerenath distributed two marks of silver to those who had supported the quest.

Vastyr asked the heroes to enjoy the hospitality of his hall, and allocated more land to their families. Kerenath offered a counter-gift of his counsel and sword. Vastyr held a feast for everyone.

Vastyr offered to make Kerenath the champion against the Black Rain, but Kerenath replied that he had to be on the ring. Vastyr offered him Aski's position, but Kerenath refused. His backers suggested Ellena's position, but Vastyr strongly backed Ellena. Kerenath spoke with Elgane Keeper of Secrets, who said that Kerenath had stolen from the Goddess, but that he was fated to. Kerenath returned to Vastyr. Although he convinced him that he should replace Elgane, Vastyr insisted on consulting the ring, who disagreed.

When Vastyr assembled his ring for the Sacred Time rituals, Kerenath and his supporters stepped up to challenge his right to be chief. Ellena argued that Vastyr brought peace, but Lekengor rebuked the chief's justice. Ellena prevailed, and Lekengor was considered an outlaw. But Kerenath pushed Vastyr aside with the wyrd of the Lerith Sword, and took the bear skin of chieftaincy.

Maniski summoned the spirit of Varmand. A mighty wind knocked everyone to their knees. Vastyr burst into tears.

Kerenath and his companions completed a Lightbringer's Quest against the traditional opponents. Kerenath named his ring. Skolli had the role of Hantrafal the Godi. Maniski represented Hedkoranth the Adventurer. Lekengor wielded Humakt's sword. Kerad guided Barntar's plow. Aslandar represented Odayla. Kjarr defended the clan as Urox.

Vastyr and his supporters left for Runegate with their portable wealth.


Kerenath distributed the land and remaining cattle among the other bloodlines, though not everyone was happy.

Kerad presided over the planting rituals.

The ring felt the tribe needed a demonstration that the Varmandi had returned to their traditional ways. They decided to raid the Orlevings for loot and glory before visiting Blackmor.

With a stirring rant against the treacherous Orlevings, Maniski roused the entire clan fyrd, who were excited that Varmand was back.

Lekengor's battle plan was utterly successful -- the Orlevings had no time to gather their fyrd, since the Varmandi had occupied the gathering point.

Iskalli, the Orleving chief, had about 30 warriors, and the Eye Spear, their sacred regalia. The Orlevings gathered in the corral outside the chief's stead and attempted to gather their protective spirits, but Skolli disrupted their contact.

Kerenath led the charge against Iskalli. In a berserk frenzy, Kjarr slew two brothers (Denseros and Kenderos) and he and Kerenath knocked down Iskalli. Kjarr then wounded the final two weaponthanes.

Kjarr was still berserk, but Maniski summoned a wind to carry him into the air, where he couldn't harm anyone.

The Varmandi smashed the door to the hall. Kerenath prevented them from killing the women and elderly, but they ransacked the hall and burned it. Maniski cut off Iskalli's head, and the clan took three thanes and four others captive, the Eye Spear, the chief's herds and much loot from his hall.

Maniski got the fyrd back in order, and they returned to Swan Valley.

Ellena returned during the celebration, and persuaded the clan to treat the hostages better. The next day, she told Kerenath that Blackmor had greeted Vastyr as a friend, but would not raise the fyrd on his behalf.

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