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Kjarr married Alandra.

Kerenath appointed Lekengor as hearthguard, and took 45 supporters, including the rest of the ring (except Aslandar), to Runegate. They were met at the border by the chieftain of the Taraling clan, who hadn't heard that Kerenath was chief. At Runegate, they were met by Boltho Boarhelm, the tribal champion. He gave permission to camp, and said the King would meet them at the law grounds.

Vastyr and his supporters soon showed up, and the two sides yelled at each other until Blackmor showed up.

Vastyr claimed that Kerenath "the Tyrant" seized power, and should not be recognized as legal chief. He also requested that he be compensated for anything that was taken from him, and that Kerenath be outlawed. Kerenath responded to each of Vastyr's points, and then showed the Lerith Sword, the weapon he'd taken from a god.

Blackmor said that he had to acknowledge that Kerenath had indeed seized the power of chieftaincy from Vastyr, having done so during Sacred Time. But he said that the Varmandi were not entitled to tribute, and reminded them of their obligations as a war clan, to follow the king into battle. Furthermore, he required that the Varmandi protect foreigners in their land.

Kerenath presented the loot from the Orlevings, which pleased Blackmor, who said he would display them as war trophies. He also invited Vastyr and his supporters back.

The king gave a feast, and made a big deal about bringing Kerenath and Vastyr together. A Lunar priestess was at his high table. Blackmor had gained concessions from Gordius Silverus, provost of Boldhome.

Blackmor told Kerenath that he wouldn't mind if the Varmandi raided the Malani.

Vastyr and his supporters returned and reoccupied their original lands. Kerenath called a moot.

Kerenath consulted with Havarnstal, who said that the carls had a case, but that Vastyr might argue that until the king confirmed him, the decision wasn't binding. He also refused to be juror, saying there was no justice on either side.

Elgane pointed out land had been taken from the Earth Mother. Most thanes felt that the land shouldn't have been taken.

Kerenath took Kerad and Maniski to visit Hindala. She said that Kerenath and his ring would doom the clan. He had angered the goddess by bringing Vadrus to the fore. Hindala repeated her belief that Vastyr was the best chief for these times. Kerad reminder her that his father and her husband had both died fighting the Lunars, and that he would do nothing to dishonor them.

At the moot, Hindala and Umathkar had around a hundred folk around them. Kerenath recited this verse:

Men die, cattle die.
Steads are burned, battles lost.
But a clan won't die
while on its founder's path.

From Ernalda's realm Heorlath's son
Took bright battle-wand
to guide Varmandi
back to their road.

Frugal Lerith-wielder
Seeing land unplowed
Asked Barntar's new sons
to make it yield its fruit.

Heedless of Heort's gift,
Ox-follower snatched
Ernalda's great bounty
from those who gave her seed.

It is needful to remind him
of the Laws of Andrin.
Orlevings have no Spear,
but revel in our lack of law.

Vastyr spoke, and said that the King had reconciled them, and that he forgave Kerenath, and asked his followers to peacefully farm their lands.

Skolli presented the case of the five new carl families. They had been granted lands, and worked them. Vastyr and his followers came back, and took over the lands in an unfair and menacing manner. He proposed that the new carls keep their land, and new steads be given to Vastyr's supporters. This did not meet with general approval.

Kerenath proposed that the five carl families receive five different hides of land in the east, and half the fruit of their labors. Ellena spoke on behalf of this proposal. Vastyr also agreed, and offered to pay half a year's harvest on the spot. The five families weren't happy, but figured it was the best they would be able to get.

Kerenath then said that the king had asked them to raid among the Malani. The clan wasn't interested in another large raid.

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